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Microtrack is a computer equipped with a series of devices: accelerometer, gyroscope and 3D magnetometer, GPS, electronic identifier reader, celular and satellite communication, wifi, high capacity nonvolatile memory, touch screen display and various communication ports (CAN BUS, RS232, RS485) that allow you to easily integrate with your own and external devices. Microtrack registers with great accuracy, second to second, in a removable memory unit of very high capacity (Type SD), causing a great volume of information.

The Honeywell Inmarsat, is a satellite modem, that provides a comprehensive communication solution for the most demanding applications, in remote locations or with little or no cellular communication and requiring real time data transmission or tracking and positioning without interruptions.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based cluster of services for analytics, processes, databases, mobile device management, networking, storage, and the Web that provide high-performance resources, unlimited scalability, high availability of service (SLA), and security.

Almost all of our software solutions are based on the concept of platform as a service, which allows us to respond to a large number of requirements and serve all our customers equally, providing a better service.

In line with the concept of digital transformation, the Microtrack platform can integrate and upload the Internet in many ways, its own and third party devices to relate and generate high value added information for our customers.

The software solutions developed by Micracel are designed under the concept of Cloud Computing, which offers a great versatility in the integration with other technologies, for that our developments use the most modern standards of integrability, such as Web Services, API Rest together With JSon and XML technologies. This allows us to integrate our solutions independently of third-party technologies.


  • Micracel S.A.
  • In the year 2000 we began to develop an ambitious system of vehicle supervision with a high degree of development in terms of road safety.
    Thus in 2003 Microtrack emerges, the comprehensive fleet management system that is at the forefront of vehicular supervision systems by incorporating hardware technology and development of new software techniques in this area.
    From the beginning we founded this company on the following pillars: Research and development, quality, responsibility and the permanent pursuit of excellence, both in the internal scope of our organization and in the relationship with our customers, since we believe and encourage collaboration, Interaction and knowledge exchange to continue to grow.

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